The Sickly Taper

A Bibliography of Gothic Scholarship

The Sickly Taper  is the illustrious brainchild of the late Dr. Frederick S. Frank, former Professor Emeritus at Allegheny College, and Gothicist extraordinaire. The Sickly Taper  is now run out of the Department of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor under the direction of Dr. Carol Margaret Davison with the assistance of Ashley Girty. In order to ensure its ongoing role as the world's most comprehensive and authoritative online bibliography of Gothic scholarship, we ask that Gothic scholars and aficionados keep us apprised of relevant Gothic-related publications and productions. Please acquaint yourself with our indexing categories and feel free to suggest possible classifications for your scholarship. As cross-indexing can be nothing short of a Gothic nightmare in terms of its confusion and propensity to mushroom to monstrous size, please limit your suggestions to a single category.

Accompanying concise abstracts describing your work’s main subjects and argument are also encouraged. We also welcome hard copies of Gothic-related materials for assessment and inclusion in our published annotated bilbiographies undertaken in conjunction with the Scarecrow Press. To contact us via email, write to

Please send hard copies of material to the attention of Dr. Carol Margaret Davison, Department of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing, University of Windsor, 401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N9B 3P4.